S.S. Cimbria


The S.S. Cimbria is the name of a Hamburg America Line ship that carried our ancestors from Hamburg Germany to New York in 1871. The Cimbria was built in 1867 at Greenock, Scotland by Caird & Co. for the Hamburg America Line. The ship was constructed from iron and had two sailing masts affixed on her deck. The Cimbria weighed 3037 gross tons and utilized a two cylinder compound expansion engine fed from five boilers created almost 600 horsepower. The engine generated straight steam which turned a single screw propulsion system and the engine created gases were exhausted through one funnel on the top deck. The ship had a top speed of 12.5 knots. Other ships of the class were able to achieve 13 knots.

The lifespan of the vessel was only sixteen years long. The SS Cimbria Launched on January 21 of 1867, where sailed to Hamburg Germany for its maiden voyage. On April 13th, the Cimbria departed Hamburg on her maiden voyage helmed by Captain Wautman. The ship stopped at Southampton, England on April 17th where it tendered passengers and cargo to shore. Ten days later it arrived in New York City carrying merchandise and 684 passengers including some of my ancestors.

One notable incident for the Cimbria later in 1867, while departing Southampton the ship lost her screw and was detained several days to affect repairs. Interestingly, on August 14th,1889 she carried passengers from the wrecked SS Germania while traveling eastbound. Finally on January 19th 1883, the Cimbria while being Captained by Julius Hansen, was sunk after colliding SS Sultan near Borkum Island as a result of dense fog, 389 lives lost according to some newspapers. Other newspapers reported 437 casualties. There were 120 crew members and 402 passengers on board. 65 people were saved, nearly all of the 72 women and 87 children on board were lost.

The SS Cimbria was a Hammonia class ocean liner of German design. Hammonia is the Latin name for Hamburg, and for Hamburg’s patron goddess. Cimbria is the historical name for Jutland, the peninsula that juts out in Northern Europe toward the rest of Scandinavia, forming the mainland part of Denmark.

Phillip Charles Feilbach at the age of 18 enter the United States at Ellis Island. Below is the record of his entry in the passenger list.

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